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10). The stopping times τ0 = α, τn+1 = στn for n ≥ 0 are finite and τ0 ≤ τ1 ≤ · · · ≤ τn ≤ . . C that Πz u(ητn+1 ) = Πz F (ητn ) where F (z) = Πz u(ητ1 ). 7) is satisfied for cells, then F (z) ≤ u(z). Hence, Πz u(ητn+1 ) ≤ Πz u(ητn ) and, by induction, Πz u(ητn ) ≤ Πz u(ητ0 ) = u(z). ¯ τ , ητ ) = d(ητ )/2. If τ is the limit of τn , then, on the set {τ < ∞}, We have d(η n+1 n n ˜ τ , ητ ) = d(ητ )/2. We conclude that {τ < ∞} ⊂ ητn → ητ and therefore 0 = d(η {ητ ∈ ∂U } ⊂ {τ = τ (U )}. By the definition of the lower semicontinuity, on the set {τ < ∞}, u(ητ ) ≤ lim inf u(ητn ).

25) Pµ Z = Pµn Z. A holds for the extended system. B holds because, if Y = XQ (Q) and µ ∈ σ(M), then, for every λ > 0, Pµe−λY = Pµn e−λY and by tending λ to +∞, we get Pµ {Y = 0} = Pµn {Y = 0} = 1. C, Pz e−λ f,XQ = e−λf (z) for z ∈ / Q. 1 [which is true also for infinite measures]. 4. 1. CB-property. 1) log Pµ Z = log Py Z µ(dy). 3) u(y) = − log Py Z. A, this is true for all Z ∈ Z and all µ ∈ M. Suppose that Zn ↓ Z and 0 ≤ Zn ≤ 1. Then Pµ Zn ↓ Pµ Z and 0 ≤ − log Py Zn ↑ − log Py Z. 1) holds for Z, µ if it holds for Zn , µ.

2. 9) 0 ≤ ρ(f) ≤ 1 for all f for all f, g, and ρ(0) = 1. Proof. Suppose that ρ in Ke . Fix g ∈ B and consider a family of functions ρλ (f) = ρ(f) + λρ(f + g) where λ ∈ R. 10) ρλ (fi + fj )ti tj = ρˆ(0) + λˆ ρ(g) where ρˆ(g) = ti tj ρ(fi + fj + g). For all sα and gα, sα sβ ρˆ(gα + gβ ) = α,β tiα tjβ ρ(fiα + fjβ ) α,i;β,j with tiα = ti sα , fiα = fi + gα . Hence, ρˆ is a P-function. 10) implies that, for |λ| ≤ 1, ρλ is a P-function . 9). 8), we note that q = [1 − ρ(g)]/2 ≥ 0 and p = [1 + ρ(g)]/2 ≥ q.

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