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This of the type multiplication Heaviside problem function will be aggrevated, should we decide to consider the equations satisfied by higher order derivatives of It is classical wellknown solutions that to even u,p,a. with quasilinear smooth initial hyperbolic data, systems the will 15 develop shocks in finite time. Thus the multiplication problem cannot be avoided by smoothing the initial data; sequential of solutions approximate cannot smooth be obtained solutions can, this in addition, way however, (sequences be constructed by adding suitable viscosity terms making the system parabolic).

12 Ug(x,t)Vg(x,t) in E'(]R^) , and consequently H Wj. ( X , t ) in 6 ( x ) ® ô ( t - 1) -> J )6 (s-1 )ds = V^(JR^) . Thus again, a an interaction at t=1 of 6(x+t-1) 6(x-t+1) means of and Fourier 1 j 6 (x)0 6(t-1). waves transform and v(x,t) = 6 (x+t-1) w(x, t) = -^6 (x) 0 H( t-1 ) this differential is exists and exhibits defined and convolution, calculated be the result being The delta wave 6 (x-t+1) the wave can be = multiplication that delta this time. We note that here the product u(x,t) satisfies 6 (x) 0 H(t-1 ) of equations distributions.

Systematic computations have been undertaken by Todorov [220] in the setting of his “asymptotic functions". Our main generalized concern functions in this book constructed as is with algebras of factor algebras of the infinite product space E[n] = (c” (n)y°' 00) Q czjr with respect to suitable ideals, open. A distribution uEP'(fi) can be represented as an element of of a suitable sequence an associative, (^e)e>o commutative regularizations. differential operations being defined componentwise. 5.

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