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While you are studying Macedonian, this publication was once now not created for you, and also you usually are not buy it. It used to be created for thoroughly fluent mother-tongue audio system of Macedonian who already recognize the total that means of Macedonian phrases, yet who have to find out how a unmarried English translation of a Macedonian note can have ambiguous meanings within the English language.

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Книга рассчитана на все группы пользователей, так как описывает базовые принципы английской грамматики. В книге в простой форме описываются все базовые правила языка, кроме того для всех грамматическим терминов даны пояснения и описания так, что даже новичку будет несложно разобраться в правилах языка.

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Thyen, O. and Wermke, M. (1989) Duden Deutsches Universalwörterbuch, 2nd edn, Mannheim: Bibliographisches Institut. Fleischer, W. (1989) ‘Zur Situation der deutschen Sprache heute’, Zeitschrift für Phonetik, Sprachwissenschaft und Kommunikationswissenschaft, 42: 435–42. , Wittich, M. and Yos, G. (1987) Wortschatz der deutschen Sprache in der DDR, Leipzig: Bibliographisches Institut. , Mangold, M. and Winkler, C. (1959) Duden Grammatik, 1st edn, Mannheim: Bibliographisches Institut. , Mentrup, W.

Line 2 buochen, (dat. , cf. NHG Büchern), shows the extension of the pl. ending -er accompanied by umlaut to many neuter nouns. Line 3 swaz ‘whatever’ (from OHG so waz), which has died out in NHG. Line 7 mislîchen ‘various’, which has died out in NHG. Line 9 iht ‘anything’, which has been replaced by etwas in NHG, although the latter did exist in MHG. Line 13 töhte ‘were fit for’, an irregular verb in MHG which has become regular or weak in NHG taugen. 20 THE GERMAN LANGUAGE TODAY SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY AND FURTHER READING Ammon, U.

Several of these formations occur in the passage: Vergärung, Reifung, Enthefung, Vereisung. Stillwein. In technical accounts it is necessary to distinguish between different sorts of wine: Schaumwein, Stillwein and Grundwein. 40 THE GERMAN LANGUAGE TODAY Fülldosage. The French loan word dosage is used instead of German Dosis (from Greek). This mixture is exactly defined in the diagram as Versanddosage. Zuchthefe or Reinzuchthefe. This is more precise than Hefe. kommt in Gang ‘starts’. This illustrates the use of a functional verb kommen and a prepositional phrase in Gang.

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