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It is from this point, too, that he begins to work into the very texture of his poetry the names of his friends, of theatre people and artists, and of public figures with whom he was frequently associated or knew by reputation. He mentions Maud Gonne by name only once in his poetry, though she is virtually omnipresent; his wife, George, only once; and his dear friend Olivia Shakespeare not at all, which may indicate his unwillingness to share his most personal relationships. But these few excepted, the names of friends, political figures, and of artists abound; Lady Gregory, Robert Gregory, John Millington Synge, Sir Hugh Lane, Florence Farr Emery, Lionel Johnson, Ernest Dowson, Thomas MacDonagh, Con Markiewiczthe list goes on and on in rich and varied manner.

Pallas Athene, the Olympian goddess of wisdom. She was a virgin goddess, the daughter of Zeus, having sprung fully grown from his brow. ]. ] to see who could do most for man. Poseidon gave man the horse; but Athene won by giving man the olive tree, symbol also of peace. She was the patroness of both art and war. Often, one of her favorite animals or birds, the owl, the serpent, or the cock is depicted with her. ]. The Palladium, the sacred image of Athene, was used as the guardian of the safety of a city.

Pronunciation assistance, given phonetically, is surely needed by most people to handle such names as Caoilte [kweel'tcha], Naoise [nee'sha], or Oisin [ush'een]. It may be of little importance for a reader to know that the Gort near Yeats's tower home in county Galway was in ancient times called Gort-innsi-Guaire, the field of the island of Guaire [gwar'a], after an Irish king who lived in that province. " Such identification can be very helpful to the ordinary reader of Yeats, but it may also be useful to scholars and critics who would wish to have such information before going on to other matters concerning poem or poet.

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