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Viii 460-1. Fowler. and as a center firm *center PR 4, 534 (a) pivot, the unmoving point around which a body turns. Carey. (b) the unmoved Mover of Aristotle. Certain to undergo like doom: certain ix 953 (a) self-determined, resolved. (b) sure. Fowler. we may chance Re-enter heav'n; (a) v. happen to. (b) adv. by chance, perchance (OED 13c). Monboddo in Todd. chance ii 396 chance but chance iv 530 (L. forte fortuna: Fowler). what change change ... chance x 107-8 Absents thee, or what chance detains?

Contagious ix 1036 Eve, whose eye darted contagious fire. (a) exciting like feelings. (b) spreading a disease by contact. Cf. x 544: "Catched by contagion". Evans (Broadbent). In contemplation ofcreated things By steps we may ascend to God. (a) attentive consideration. (b) L. con + templum, consecrated space (temple). Cf. "steps", "God". Ricks. contemplation v 511 contend i 99 That with the mightiest raised me to contend, (a) fight. (b) argue, dispute. continent vi 474 This continent of spacious heav'n, (a) continuous tract ofland.

Elledge. He, be sure, Will not connive, (a) remain dormant or inactive. (b) ety. Fr. conniver, from L. connivere, conivere, close the eyes (as Samson's eyes were closed). (c) conspire. connive SA, 466 conscious vi 521 under conscious night (a) witnessing. (b) sharing a guilty secret. Ricks. conscious ix 1050 with conscious dreams Encumbered, (a) sensible ofwrong-doing, guilty. Lockwood. (b) remembered on awakening. consequence x 364 Such fatal consequence unites us three. (a) mutual dependence.

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